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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Danger Deep Water

As promised, here is a close-up picture of the notice on the sign at Stonepit Reservoir.

It outlines the rules for anglers
  1. Anglers fish at their own risk
  2. Juniors under 14 must be accompanied by an adult
  3. No keepnets except for organised matches
  4. Barbless hooks only
  5. Fishing only permitted from platforms
  6. No bank sticks or rod rests to be used except in designated brackets
  7. No night fishing
  8. One rod only
  9. Gate to be kept locked at all times
  10. No litter will be tolerated
Previous photographs of Stonepit Reservoir.


Jules said...

Hi Gerald - good to catch up with you and your posts again.

Cavite Daily Photos said...

hi Mr gerald! I'm Steven of Cavite Daily Photo! Thanks so much for the comment about my photo! I really appreciate it and it really was a good sunset^^ Can I add your link on my site too? Thanks^^

By the way I'm Steven of Cavite, Philippines! It was really nice knowing you and your wonderful site!

Cavite Daily Photo^^

Cavite Daily Photos said...

Sir Gerald Thanks for the reply! and thanks so much you will add me in your 'Around the World Guide'! Wow! It really means a lot to me^^ And thanks for welcoming me to the DP world!^^

Z said...

My goodness, it seems to me that that well-intentioned people would run screaming from the sign, while the ones who are not so well-intentioned wouldn't give a hoot!

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