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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Stonepit Reservoir filling up

I first featured Stonepit Reservoir in July and I was worried about what it would look like in six months time.

However a commentator to my September post said
I've heard that Stonepit is opening again for fishing. A 'leak' has been sorted and the fish are coming back from Glossop.
The other morning the gate was open and I got this clear view. I understand the renovation work will be finished in time for the beginning of the angling season sometime in March.


Annie said...

Hi Gerald, I just saw your second comment on my blog and realized that it was you, in October, who'd taught me the term "wheelie bins". And I've corrected the record in my comment section today.

Zachary said...

wor, ur content is just ... amazing. i quite like ur place. keep on with the nice job!

Lavender Lady said...

It's lovely. I can imagine walking the path. I love water.

Felicia said...

Looks like a nice place for fishing or walking, though a little muddy right now. Do you fish?

Gerald England said...

No I don't fish and it isn't somewhere you can go walking as the land belongs [so far as I know] to the local Angling Federation [or else they lease the access rights] so if you aren't a member[or guest of a member] you are not allowed in.

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