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Monday, September 17, 2007

Missed the Birdie

As I was passing Stonepit Reservoir recently I saw what I think was a heron by the first fishing station.

I fished my "point-and-shoot" out of my pocket but just as I stuck the lens through the bars I dropped my stick and the bird flew off.

Even so, you can see the piece of wattle-fencing and a new strip of grass in this picture.

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deslilas said...

Sure, this is a suitable spot for any cute and smart heron.

Lizzy said...

Is it open for fishing yet Gerald?

Hyde DP said...

lizzy -- seemingly not - I thought it was going to be open earlier in the year -- maybe the water environment is not yet right for the transfer of the fish -- perhaps it won't open until next year -- if I find anything out I'll let you all know.

Mike said...

Herons are so shy. Frustrating!

Old Wom Tigley said...

I must make the effort to view Stone Pit Gerald... then call around for a brew. ha! Nowt like cheek!
There seems to be a lot of Herons around here now, everywhere I go I here stories of garden ponds having all the fish taken by them. I am always happy to see them while I am out and about. A few years ago I saw one being Mobbed by Crows, the Heron is a very capable flyer when it wants to be. I was treated to an air display the Red Arrows would have been proud off.

Paris Set Me Free said...

Love the non-eventness of this posting! Great! And better luck next time with the heron.

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