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Saturday, May 03, 2008

342 boarding

Here we have a number 342 bus (Back Bower circular) being boarded at the Bus station. The bus just passing it is probably a number 204 (Piccadilly via Haughton Green).

Most people didn't seem to understand Thursday's number question.

Several came up with the answer 42; obviously like me they are fans of Douglas Adams.

Kuanyin from Maui got nearest but was hardly half way there and for the wrong reason, whilst Marley from Cheltenham's astute guess was way over the top.

The correct answer to what all the numbers in each photograph in the collage add up to is


Thanks to all who attempted an answer.

On Sunday May 18th I intend doing another "What is it?" post.


Tanya said...

Really neat busses! When we went to Victoria BC years back, we were anxious to ride one of the double decker red busses! Ours are boring here!

Kelly said...

I love all the detail in this photo!

babooshka said...

You counted all those numbers! That's quite impressive. Has anyone counter checked to verify? Town buses seem to look the same from town to town now.Bring make Midland Red Say I.

maria elisa said...

thank you for your visits.

Kuanyin said...

WOW--so many!!!! Babooshka's comment gave me a chuckle too! Verification anyone? Hah!

marley said...

I've been wondering what the answer was! I was way over! Looking forward to the what is it quiz. Thanks for the link in your post :)

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