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Friday, November 02, 2007

A Licence to Fish

New steel gates have been erected at the entrance to Stonepit Reservoir, together with this stern warning notice.

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Oswegan said...

How about if you intend to catch it with your bare hands?


Lavenderlady said...

Looks to me as thought they are very serious about the matter.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

That plastic sign wont last long, go back next week a see if is still there.
Thats a hefty fine for fishing without a licence.

lynn said...

Yes i know it's very strict now before you can sit at your peg with your sandwiches etc. lol.

Kerri said...

This looks like a pretty place. Do you have to pay just to go in... or just to fish? I like to just walk around areas like this.
I looked back through the links on your post.... do you think much wildlife was disturbed in making this area?

Hyde DP said...

Hi Kerri and others.

There is no access for members of the public at all - to fish you have to be a member of the angling club when I assume you'll be allowed a key for the padlock. I presume anglers will be allowed to take friends and family in there with them, but the whole thing is very private - see

The wildlife will mostly be all in the trees and undergrowth so I doubt they'll have been disturbed much by the works.

Old Wom Tigley said...

It is not just this place, but all water course in Britain, as fishing is very big over here every body wants a bit of the fishermans money.

Have a great weekend Gerald

Denton said...

The penalty is really very server. We require fishing licenses as well however I doubt our fines are that large.

Lizzy said...

The trouble is that at one time no one took any freshwater fish, they just sat there, hooked them and threw them back to live another day, but that has now changed as many people are taking fish such as carp to eat for their dinner and obviously that effects the fish stock, or so my husband tells me - hope it's open next time we visit, that will keep him busy

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