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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Shaw Hall Post Office

This photograph of Shaw Hall Post Office in Newton is by guest photographer Frank Bennett.

Many sub post offices in the UK are under threat, especially in town suburbs. Several in Hyde have already gone, but this one appears to have a more certain future. An ATM (aka cash-point, aka hole-in-the-wall} has been established here. Alterations have been made since to the roller-blinds so that the ATM can be accessed 24 hours a day.

Good news for the residents of Newton, but why I wonder is the machine operated by an Irish Bank which doesn't have a branch anywhere nearby at all?


Per Stromsjo said...

Most post offices are gone here. But the number of places with postal services has increased. Many shops have taken on being representatives of Swedish Posten for everyday services.

Deslilas said...

What a pity !
Post people used to be civil servants ( for me it's a compliment)and cities were very proud of their post offices.

Jilly said...

Nice to see one of those old post-office. What a hoot to read an Irish bank operates the cash machine but doesn't have a branch. Well clever Irish bank!

Nice photo Mr.Bennett.

Old Wom Tigley said...

This is just around the corner from my house, and is very well used. We did nearly lose it but I'm glad to say it seems to be doing very well inder the new management. This post office as been 'Held Up' or 'Robbed' a number of times, and I would not be surprized to see the Cash Machine pulled out of the building.

Gail's Man said...

Enjoy the endangered species while you can. We used to have several PO's dotted about the city centre & now there is only 1. Although there are plenty of staff serving, you can be in the queue for about 20 minutes.

smilnsigh said...

Glad that some are being saved.

And the thought stuck me... does the smiling grocer on your Header know that he is viewed daily, all around the world? :-)

I think the idea of this, is so cute! And really wonder if he knows...


Jackie said...

That has such character! I think it's so sad that the post offices are being shut. My aunt used to be a sub-postmistress and the shop was so much more than just where you got stamps - it was such a valuable resource for the community.

PS Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog!

maria elisa said...

love this house

Bucefalo said...

Nice and colourful post office

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