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Friday, April 13, 2007


This sign is in the land belonging to the Tameside Federation of Anglers, that includes Stonepit Reservoir. It lies at the corner of Back Bower and Stockport Road across the road from the Gatso.

What I find interesting though is not so much the Private notice but the old road sign to which it is attached. Only (H)OSPITAL is visible. Where there are now holes in the lettering there used to be little reflectors much like the ones in catseyes. These meant the signs would reflect car headlights at night and be visible in the dark. Assuming the sign is still in its original location, there was probably an arrow on the missing left hand side to direct traffic down Back Bower.

Back Bower is now a one-way street and you cannot turn into it from Stockport Road. Hyde Hospital hasn't been a hospital as such for at least twenty or more years. I think this kind of road sign dates from the 1940s. They started being replaced by more modern signs in the 60s and 70s. This has probably survived because it is broken and merely being used to support another notice.


Tara said...

Using tiny reflectors to outline the letters and light up the sign - that's creative! I'd never heard of that before.

Thanks for visiting my blog the other day!

isabella said...

Well, it's better than if only SPIT was left over ;-)

Gail's Man said...

I like old road signs. They were like little works of art. You'll probably remember when the poles were painted black & white.

Glenn Standish said...

Wow! A great blast from the past! Very good! Thanks for taking part in our competition at ToruĊ„ Daily Photo. Better luck next time! ;-)

Chandlermom said...

Funny sign - Thanks for visiting my debut site, daily photos from Chandler, AZ!

Dsole said...

in Spain, the "h" has no sound, so there's no difference in reading Hospital and ospital, but the H lack is a huge spelling mistake!

OutHouse Capital of Canada said...

The sign is talking with a northern accent and dropping its "H"

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