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Monday, April 02, 2007

Diamond Row Open Space

I showed you the area I thought was known as Little Stonepit a few weeks ago.

This view is from Stockport Road. Lilly Street and the Big Tree Memorial are just out of sight on the left. The houses you can see are at the beginning of Back Bower next to the entrance to Stonepit Reservoir.

The area is called Diamond Row Open Space after a group of cottages that once stood on the corner of Stockport Road and Back Bower Lane.


Gail's Man said...

Looks a nice place to live. As for your 1st birthday, is there anything in Hyde that is going to share the same day?

Jenny said...

I came to comment on your mailbox - but got caught by this lovely photo instead!

Kalyan said...

Beautifully captured shot!

Ame said...

Really nice looking place Mr. UK!

The SCDP "Wag!"


The Wellspring said...

Wow, this is beautiful!

~Lisa in Quito

denton said...

Beautiful lush yard. And so large.

isabella said...

I've always dreamed of a proper English stone wall around my mansion...Alas, no wall and no mansion ;-)

Kerry-Anne said...

This spot is SO pretty!

Per Stromsjo said...

Reassuring to see green grass again and not terribly far away either. There’s hope!

Poly said...


I appreciate your commentaries, Thank you very much.


Glenn Standish said...

Lovely bright colours. Looks like Poland is not the ONLY place enjoying the early Spring!! Thanks for adding the ToruĊ„ DP postbox to your links.

Z said...

Wonderful colors in this photo. That green is lovely!

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