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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hattersley Station

This is Hattersley Station between Broadbottom and Godley on the Glossop to Manchester Piccadilly line. The single platform lies between the tracks. A set of steps and a covered walkway lead over the southbound line to the road.


Glenn Standish said...

Gone are the old village stations complete with flowers and station master!!! Nevertheless, its still attractive in its own simple way. Nice pic! Greetings from ToruĊ„ Daily Photo!

Alex said...

How funny! Bordeaux and Hyde have the same theme today! I like the web site address added on the wall which contrast wiht this quaint charm train station. Also this short yellow train reminds me the old yellow/red one in France called “la micheline” with its rubber-tires.

richard said...

This brings back memories of British Rail (unfortunately). Did you post it for it's quaintness or to make a comment about UK public transport?

Ackworth Born said...

richard I posted it merely to complete the set. When I posted my first picture of a Hyde railway station I said there were five, but some correctly pointed out I'd forgotten Hattersley Station. It is only since I got my travel pass that I've had a chance to visit some of the stations and obtain photos.

"quaint" is probably not an adjective most locals would use to describe the station. I'm not sure what kind of comment about UK public transport the photograph makes. That's for the viewer to decide.

Chuckeroon said...

I think it says that we prize utility and efectiveness at a fair return above wasteful "grands projets" that look good but are done at the expense of the rest of the network.

Rudy said...

Gerard, I stop by to let you know I am using your list of DP links at Antigua Guatemala DP. I also wanted to thank you for such wonderful list and for your initiative to maintain a xhtml link directory.

Jonathan said...

I remember this station catching the train with my sisters mad dog which used to chase frogs.

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