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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Gatso on B6458

This speed camera (Gatso) is on the B6458, Stockport Road.

It is located just after a sharp bend in the road. Anyone crossing the road from the end of Back Bower near Stonepit Reservoir to get to the bus-stop needs to be very careful.

In a car though you have to travel another half a mile before you reach a sign telling you to Slow Down


Keropok Man said...

those nasty machines! haha..

i have never been caught by a camera before. well that's because i drive safely :-)

OutHouse Capital of Canada said...

Sometimes I think the cameras are just a tax grab, I wonder if anyone walked around with a black spray piant can and painted the camera lens.
Seriously, People need to slow down

Felicia said...

That is tricky. The cameras we have are usually located above traffic lights and tickets are issued for those that don't stop on a red light. I've never seen them for speeding - that is still done the "old-fashioned" way here - with a police officer and a radar machine.

Gerald England said...

Outhouse: There is a huge debate in the UK about whether these things make much difference or are just a cash cow. BTW we drive on the left here so my photo shows the BACK of the machine. Maybe I'll photograph the other side sometime.

Felicia: We have those as well as these.

Stefan Jansson said...

There are many speed cameras in Sweden, most of them actually without any real camera, but they do work anyway!

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