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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Back Bower Sunset

Last Saturday afternoon, as I turned into Back Bower near to where it is crossed by Richmond Hill, I was almost blinded by the sun. Like any other self-respecting daily photographer would do, I pointed my camera at it and clicked.


Jing said...

beautiful shot!!i like this view very much.


Kate said...

Good capture. And, what were you doing up so early?!

Kate said...

Oops! Sunset, of course! I shouldn't post right after I get up in the morning, should I??

Lessie said...

It's a pic of winter -- until the sun warms it up so beautifully. Great shot.

perle de rosée said...

Beautiful sunrise ! It is something like a sky-burning! Here we have now fog, so that the beautiful winter sunrises and sunsets are not to see. PErhaps the weather is becoming better.

Steve said...

Nice! And I like the one of Stonepit Reservoir, too. I've only ever been to London, so it's nice to visit sites like yours and see what the rest of England looks like!

Kala said...

this is a definitely winner of an image - it also looks like a very nice neighborhood. It really gives a good feel for the season! =)

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