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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bandstand in Hyde Park

Last week I posted a picture of a building that carried a plaque stating: Awarded National Lottery Funding. I asked people to guess the nature of the building.

Dave from the Outhouse Capital of Canada was the first to correctly guess that the building is a toilet block.

Lottery money was used in 2005 to renovate Hyde Park -- the one in Hyde, not the one in London!

Several projects were undertaken in the park, not just the building of new public toilets. One was the refurbishment of the bandstand.

Talking of public toilets; the loos in Clarendon Shopping Mall were closed on Jan 1st for "refurbishment" . For four weeks we've been trotting off to use the ones by the Town Hall. At the end of January these were closed down permanently. I don't see why they were shut down at all, but even so, surely they could have been reprieved for a few weeks until the ones in Clarendon re-open!

It's a longer trail down to Morrisons or Asda.

As recorded on Kaz's blog you can't even rely on supermarket loos.

On my other blog I've still got a truth meme up: Five Things You Don't Know About Me (of which, only four are true). There's been just a few comments there so far; I'm not revealing the truth until a some more folk respond. Do take a butchers.


KAZ said...

Thanks for the toilet link Gerald.
I'm afraid I'm about to encroach on your territory today.
Hope you don't mind.

lynn said...

how lovely to have Hyde Park on your doorstep lol. Great pic.

Chuckeroon said...

Don't start me off on public toilets! The great achievement of Victorian Britain is being relentlessly destroyed by vandals and poor excuses from local Councils. These are valuable assets, and as population ages we'll be wishing that we had not been so careless in letting them drift away. Hmmm: what will readers make of this outburst?

OutHouse Capital of Canada said...

I sort of knew that I would win afterall, Toilets are the subject of my blog.
I am down in Palm Springs in California for a week, visitng my brother, but lots of pics to post when i get home.

Anonymous said...

nice to see the bandstand my father harry and his friend bernard removed the orignal timber floor and filled it with hardcore then concreted a new floor which is still in use today the timbers had dry rot concrete was a cheaper option the work was done in the 60s my wish would be to remove it to the market ground and used throughout the summer by guest brassbands,christmas,and the united sing at whit-week the planners have missed a fab chance to make the market a special place
for all of us happy memories Trevor

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