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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


A couple of days ago Lynn posted a picture of Woolworths in Cheltenham.

Here is a picture of the Hyde branch.

Lynn's post has a link to the history of the company and another to a sample of views of how customers see the shops today.

I'm late posting this because I couldn't get into the old blogger and have been forced to move to the new blogger. I didn't want to do it ...


KAZ said...

I'm still an alpha blogger - I never change anything unless forced at knifepoint.
Oh - and I've just discovered my rather long winded contribution to yout 'truth meme' has disappeared.

Gerald England said...

Well the knife has been stuck and I've been forced. Just starting the process of tagging old posts -- I have to admit it wasn't quite as painful as I feared.

Keropok Man said...

i have been on the new/beta blogger since the beginning. it's quite all right actually.

John said...

One thing I have noticed recently is a lot of little red X's when I visit a blogger site. Not sure if this is due to new/beta but it was enough to make me move a couple of my blogger sites to

lynn said...

Great, Gerald! Thanks for the link too. Good ole Woolies, eh? Emphasis on the ole.

New blogger is really more than ok, i've found. A real improvement, and like you, i was dreading it!

Pamela said...

I've also just switched over to the new Blogger - on my terms, before they forced me, which I'd worked out was coming. Like everything, it has it's good and bad parts. At least Woolworths is still as it was. Ha ha.

Dsole said...

I didn't want to change either! but they don't let me in... :( Damm it

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