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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Garnett Road

Across Ashworth Road from Chain Bar Lane, where one row of houses remains, is Garnett Road where all the houses have been demolished. Only the monkey puzzle tree remains.

Already the weeds are growing over the footpaths.


Tash said...

It's partly sad, and partly happy... the feeling of abandoment, but nature taking over and making the lane look interesting.

babooshka said...

I like how mother natures reclaims, but these kind of area just sadden me. No thought goes into what to to with them. Demolish, abandon, wait for Tescos.

Marcel said...

Some would call it progress, I think it is a little sad.

katie said...

its a lovely photo!

Jim said...

Hi Gerald - thanks for commenting on Jim's World. I have your photoblog bookmarked. I am recharging my batteries but looks as if I'll start blogging again soon!
Best wishes,

Sally said...

What will it eventually be used for? Land is a very valuable commodity!

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