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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Route 66

Originally it was the Church Inn.

For a short while it became Tylers.

Now it is Route 66 but don't ask me why as I don't know.

It looked much better back in 1902.


AVCR8TEUR said...

There is a famous stretch of road in the States called Route 66 filled with quaint motels, diners, and gas stations. I wonder if it was named after that.

PJ said...

If GB doesn't have anything named route 66 I have to think that's it. I could be named for the song, The Stones covered that early on.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Most of the old Route 66 has been replaced by the freeway system and is now a tourist route, I was on part of Route 66 in California last January. Have a look at my post for February 5 with a picture of an old abandend restaurant and gas station and the Amboy Shoe Tree

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Also if you notice, the sign has 66 in that sheild emblem, that is the shape of all the signs for all the state highways as you drive along the roads in USA, here in Canada thay have similar signs for our highways, I will post some soon.

april said...

I agree that it looked better in the old times. Maybe it's the car. Cars along with old houses are always disturbing.

Kate said...

Today you and Marley featured pubs with a white facade, and right next to one another on the portal. Why have there been so many turnovers of ownership? Looks like a good place to stop for a little libation.

Ming said...

Rout 66? Why reference an American high way? Maybe the new owner is a big Bobby Troup fan?

Ashtonian said...

Well, Jean & I were on route 66 in California and Arizona just the other week!

It's incredible than on both sides of the pond it's pronounced "root" yet add an 'r' for that thing that connects us to the internet and it changes to rowter in the US and rooter in the UK.

It's a bit depressing for me to see more and more pubs dissapearing reflecting a change in the times we live in. When I read about Ye Olde Blue Pig in Audenshaw, my heart sank!

Jackie said...

I agree, it looked much better as the Church Inn!

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