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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Cemetery Garden

Just past the entrance to Hyde Cemetery is a little garden of remembrance.

Scattering of cremated remains here costs £50; supplying and fixing a brass memorial plaque is £135 with a £55 fee for renewal every ten years.


Lynette said...

I didn't know that it cost to spread ashes in a cemetery--interesting.

Ming the Merciless said...

Like Lynette, I didn't realized it costs money to spread ashes in the cemetery or anywhere for that matter.
But if the funds go to upkeep the park, I say it's a good thing.

Thanks for the head's up on the other Ming of NYC. :-) I know this much, I don't make plushies. Otherwise, I would send you one.

marley said...

At Cheltenham Crem they don't remind you when the ten years are up and there have been cases of people going to visit a spot and finding someone elses name there!

Jackie said...

I can understand the fee for scattering ashes in a public place, but I hadn't thought about the 10 year renewal thing for the plaque. Mind you, I guess if people will be inconvenient and carry on dying they have to be pragmatic, they're going to run out of room eventually!

Ashtonian said...

Jean's first husband Colin had his ashes scattered over the Pacific ocean, where he loved to fish.

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