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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Monkey Puzzle Tree

Last week I showed you the houses on Chain Bar Lane, Hattersley, awaiting demolition.

On the other side of Ashworth Lane was Garnett Road and Garnett Close. That area was cleared several months ago. The backs of some of the houses looked out on to Stockport Road.

This monkey puzzle tree was in the garden of one. Whether it was built on a pet cemetery or whether it was a memorial to a tenant's wife, I'm not sure. Whatever the reason, it was spared and now stands behind these bars waiting to be incorporated into whatever development scheme takes place here in the future.


Chris said...

I'm glad they haven't destroyed it. We have a McDonald's in our area that was recently demolished so that they could build a new McDonald's. There was a beautiful holly tree close to the front. . .about 8 feet tall. . . .Anyway, for some reason, they destroyed all of the bushes and plants but that one. We don't know where it went, but they did transplant it, and for that I'm grateful.

KAZ said...

Araucaria = Monkey puzzle tree.
He's the Guardian's no 1 crossword setter.

Ashtonian said...

What's the connection with Monkey trees and pet cemetery?

babooshka said...

I like this image of the tree incarcerated for it's own good. Quite a striking image.

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