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Friday, September 05, 2008

New cars for sale

I was going to show you a transporter full of new cars, but by the time I'd taken my camera out of its bag, it had driven off.

The dealership shown here is Stonecraft who sell new Citroen & Fiat cars. So far as I am aware they are now one of only two new car showrooms left in Hyde. The other is Smith Knight Fay who sell VWs at the top of Apethorn Lane, Gee Cross.

Bell's Garage (British Leyland) is now a retirement housing complex. The Daihatsu dealer on Market Street has been replaced by a domestic appliance retailer. Two Ford dealers, Tucson Motors and Quicks no longer exist. The Lada dealer near the Village Hotel turned into a carwash and now is something else. There used to be a Skoda dealer near Newton Station; I couldn't find it listed in the phone book.

There are plenty of new car showrooms on out of town sites within a few miles, not to mention lots of used car sale places.

On the left-hand side is the Hyde Little Theatre.

[due to inappropriate comments from online car dealers, comments for this post are now closed]


zakscloset said...

ooooh, that must be because of the gas price! it's ridiculous. i'm sorry car dealers, but i'm glad i don't own a car right now!

Chris said...

Car dealerships here are suffering due to our crappy economy. Ford pulled the license from one dealershp since it was doing so poorly.

But, hey! Our economy is in great shape according to a certain government.

Lynette said...

However do they get the cars out of that narrow lot? I find it amazing how many vehicle dealers of all sorts there are in Portland, especially since so many use mass transit and/or bicycles.


i'm amazed people still buy new cars when old ones still work regular as clockwork (my hyundai is 9 years old)

julia said...

What does this say about Cits? No out of town site for them! Believe that car dealers like to be grouped together in one place. In some streets they are just on one after another.

april said...

So I wonder whether all the people buy foreign cars.

Louis la Vache said...

If you come across one of these cars for sale, please let "Louis" know...

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