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Monday, February 18, 2008

Caught in the Middle

This photograph of the middle of the Hyde Seal viewed from across the street is a follow-up from my close-up of its head.

Behind it is one of the old etched windows of the Town Hall.

In front is lamppost #12. I only recently noticed that every lamppost now carries a number indicating its unique street address.


Lisa Sarsfield said...

I really like the window planter boxes detailing and that of the old etched window. Is it original? It is wonderful to see it.
I have fixed up my links, thankyou for pointing it out. It's good to know you are slightly familiar with my area. As you pointed out I don't stick to Tauranga strictly although the majority of my photo's are taken in the Bay of Plenty if not Tauranga itself. Once a week I also participate in the 2 things challenge. Once again thanks for the inclusuion! I will take a tour of some of the blogs you have listed myself as time allows.
Have a happy day.
Lisa :)

imac said...

lol you learn every day eh.

numbered lamp posts.

Come and visit our holls fab cab, also see who won my free Austrian card.

Jgsmuzzy said...

A quick question. Any idea where the palm trees have gone? I saw them being dug up by workmen on Sunday morning.


James, Gee Cross

Hyde DP said...

no idea where the palms have gone - I saw workmen planting some new trees this morning outside the TH - can't say I was impressed by them but we'll see what they do with the rest of the flowerbeds.

Jgsmuzzy said...

I've asked my local councillor to look into it. It seems that the council are intent of wasting money! However, I do not want to turn this political.

Good pics by the way.


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