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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Etched window

An etched window at Hyde Town Hall.

It stems from the days when Hyde was a Borough in its own right and not part of the conglomerate that is known as Tameside Metropolitan Borough in the geographic creation entitled Greater Manchester.


Old Wom Tigley said...

I think the flowers get the message about Tameside Council just right Gereld..
I have an old picture and another old poem about Hyde Town Hall lined up for tomorrow, it was inspired by your post last week about Joss Bradley's Blue Plaque.

Anonymous said...

I noted the sign and the commentary about the borough and then happened to see the flowers. They are in dreadful shape and in need of a drink of water.

Sally said...

Beautiful photo.

Steve Buser said...

History refuses to go away.
--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Neva said...

very nice ...I like all the colors red green grey and ....wilted.

Jules said...

I collect photos of doors and windows - so this is right up my alley!!!

I agree with you Abraham - those flowers need a drink badly!!!!

julia said...

This has, is it depth of field? is nice. things change yet stay the same!

Gail's Man said...

I visited Manchester for the first time ever. Of course I took my camera, but didn't really have the time to snap anything, as I have to go to a meeting.

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