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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cheshire Cheese for Sale

Alas it is not the dairy product that is for sale but the most central one of the three pubs in Hyde bearing that name.


magiceye said...

victim of recession?

Cezar and Léia said...

I bet it's very expensive!I liked the façade and I hope someone can run the business soon .
Great shot!
Léia :)

Tom said...

It's a right tip inside now Gerald... in the late 70s early 8os this was a very popular pub... Jim and Val Cuthbert had the pub back then... Val was one of Dr Shipmans victims... but they had left the Cheshire Cheese by then.. They took over the Rams Head in Disley.. I think it was there that Jim died... Val had a cottage off Apethorn Lane when Shipman was murdering his patients... Hyde Homing Pigeon Club was also based there for a while. I have had many a great pint of Boddingtons Bitter from here.
Another Landlord was a living legend of Hyde... my friend John Lewis had the pub for a while... John was well know in all the pubs in Hyde... He was and still is a large man in every way...weighing in at well over 20stone.... John would get weighed once a year on the weigh bridge at the local scrap yard... he would then stay off the beer and diet for a few months... everyone who drank in certain pubs would sponcer him and John raised many a £ for local charities this way.
The Cheshire Cheese holds many memories for me Gerald... I was even potted over the head in a fight that broke out there when Jim and Val had some trouble one weekend... ha! I still have the scare on my forehead... happy times :O)

June said...

John Lewis or "Louie" as he was better known was a good friend of my husbands when they were lads living down Knott Lane...anyone know where he is now?

Tom said...

John still lives in the same house June.... he dose not get out as much... his weight as taken its toll on his knees... he has to walk awkwardly with sticks now.... but still managers to get down to the Shepherds Call... where he fills the room with laughter...

June said...

Thanks Tom, will let my (ex) husband know, I'm sure he will love to catch up with Louie!

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