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Monday, September 14, 2009

343 bus to Oldham

A JPT bus on the 343 route at Hyde Bus Station. In front of it is a parked Speedwell's bus.

The 343 goes on a round the houses route from Hyde to Oldham via Flowery Field, Stalybridge, Carrbrook, Micklehurst, Mossley, Grotton and Lees.

As Martin of Ashton-under-Lyne DP reported earlier, the service was in danger as Speedwells who run the majority of journeys on the route are withdrawing it in October 2009.

A Facebook Group was launched to save it and recent news is that the route will probably be run by "First" buses from October 3rd 2009.

Information on the history of the route can be found on the Saddleworth buses website.


KAZ said...

I've caught that bus many times.
I was told that most of our bus companies are owned by Italians.

Tom said...

I saw the link to the Bus Web site.... I have to admit it struck me as a possible boring site.... how wronge was I... ha! I don't use busses that much... it fact it must be well over 5 years since I got on one.

Cezar and Léia said...

I use bus everyday here, it's a great way to avoid traffic stress!
Even my mood is better because of it, I enjoy listening my ipod during the way and sometimes I have good ideas for my posts! ;)

jb said...

My cousin once went out with bloke from Oldham. Big mistake. We used to ask her, this is probably a family show...

MartinC said...

I think you'll find that most of our bus companies are owned by Scots!

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