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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Luke & John

Most of the stained glass windows of St George's Church were destroyed by or removed after a WWII bomb that exploded nearby.

Four windows on the South side of the church have now been restored. Matthew and Mark were re-instated about six years ago and now the windows celebrating Luke and John have also been installed.

Photos of the other two windows can be viewed on Hyde DP Xtra.

There are plans eventually to restore the original East window which can be seen on Old Hyde.


DeniseinVA said...

I always find it a joy to hear of old historical items such as these stained glass windows being restored. Love the photos of them.

Unknown said...

Quite strange that I've just put up a photo of a stained glass window. Mine's to do with the Heritage weekend. Hope you've managed to get to some of Hyde's.

John Darch said...

These windows are the 1950s replacements for the windows destroyed in the blitz. They were removed in the 1980s when the church building had to be closed because of dry rot in the roof and it was thought at the time that the church would have to be demolished. Fortunately it was saved and reopened in 1990. But the cost of the rebuilding did not allow for luxuries like stained glass and these were reinstalled much more recently. Keep up the good work Gerald - Hyde Daily Photo is the next best thing to being there!

jabblog said...

What a long time it has taken to replace the windows but aren't they stunning? It's good to read John Darch's explanation. Stained glass work is intriguing and beautiful. I like the old door in your previous post too - an entrance to . . . use your imagination.

Hilda said...

The four windows look so light and airy, and I like them! Quite a refreshing contrast from other heavily colored stained glass windows. I enlarged all of them and now I'm intrigued by the symbols on the shields that each one is carrying.

I hope they can/will restore that large East window. That would make for such a dramatic altar.

Lois said...

I'm so glad they restored those windows. They are lovely!

marley said...

Its good that they are restoring the church to its former glory.

Neva said...

I love stained nice the restored them. I am sure many things were destroyed in WWII.

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