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Monday, August 27, 2007

Cheshire Cheese Inn Sign

Here is the Inn Sign for the Cheshire Cheese.

Which one? I hear you cry - since the town has three such pubs.

Well it is the one on Market Street.


Anonymous said...

I like the sign. It is interesting to see the cartoon-like character and the cheese together.

michelle said...

I like the angles, and the contrast between the dark bricks and sign and the bright sky.

And now I'm sort of hungry for cheese and a pint, too. Bit early for that here, but I can adjust. :)

JoAnn-NL "Through my Dutch eyes" :) said...

Hmmmmmm yummie I love cheese!
We Dutch are also called "cheeseheads" haha:)
Like the sign also,

:) JoAnn

(today a red cow)

Olivier said...

superbe enseigne ;o)). j'adore

superb sign; O)). I adore

Stuttf├│tur said...

The one with the cutest sign!!
Suddenly I have this urge for real English Cheddar cheese.. yummy.. and half a bitter to go with it! :)

Gail's Man said...

I like humorous pub signs. I was in Rye last weekend and I came across one called the Runcible Spoon!

Shorty said...

Oh yeah! Cheese! I could live off of that and Market street, we got one of those too in San Antonio.

Bergson said...

I adore this mouse I will turn over in the refrigerator to see whether
there remains to me cheese

Dick said...

I hope the mouse didn't eat it all.

Merisi said...

This pub sign reminds me of Gretel's
"Middle of Nowhere" style. Very cute and witty. ;-)

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Monica said...

The mouse in this sign is so cute, reminds me the character in Ratatouille!

Lavenderlady said...

Well, now that is a cute mouse!

Sunkyoung said...

That store doesn't have a rat, right?;)

Dusty Lens said...

I really like this pub sign. Three of them? A good time to spend some time in all three.

me said...

hehe I'm in this pub at the moment :-D you're right it is a cute mouse.

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