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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The End of Dowson Road

This is the end of Dowson Road.

You can just see the 346 bus waiting to move round into Stockport Road to start its journey through Gee Cross.

Compare this with the picture on Old Hyde.

Dowson Road now leads straight into Stockport Road towards Woodley, whilst the section of Stockport Road through Gee Cross meets Dowson Road at a T-junction and must give way. The trees have grown and only the steeple of Hyde Chapel is visible. The open fields on the old picture are filled with houses, though screened from view by the trees.


Neva said...

between you and wom tigley I am going to have to change how I picture your part of the world...there seems to be so much more space than I would have guessed. very nice, though.

Keropok Man said...

haha.. i actually misread it as 346 buses. wow, how can it fit so many buses.

silly me :-)

Old Wom Tigley said...

On either side of this picture are wooded valleys, which at one time would have continued right down to the rivers egde. There's a stream runs under the road that at one time would have been put to good use turning a water wheel. To see the place now you would never think it.

Lizzy said...

Does anyone know what the monument thing on the corner is?

Also on two sides there are houses built in hollows that you would never dream they could put houses. You would think that they would have put some in the little hollow behind the busstop and between the Lamb

hpy said...

Except for the absence of the bus, it looks very "old"

blueboat said...

Great to have the comparison shot - it is really fascinating to see how much areas change over the years

Cromin said...

You know, i lived just off downson rd (king george) I never knew it was a bypass, shows what I know. I never understood why they moved the bus stop from the end of king george to opposite the shell garage though.

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