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Friday, August 10, 2007

Cheshire Cheese (2)

When I showed you the Cheshire Cheese in Gee Cross and said it was one of three in the town, you were all gagging to see the other two.

Well here is the one on Market Street, Hyde opposite the end of Union Street.


Dijah said...

Do they sell cheese?

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

You could do a series of pubs with food names, I wonder if there is a pub named after Baked Beans.

Tom said...

Gereld, this was a pub that I spent a lot more time in than I should. It was a Boddington's Beer pub in the 70s, it might still be for all I know.
The landlady was called Val Cuthbert, and alas was one of Dr. Harold Shipman's victims. I know that people say that beer goes to peoples head, well in my case it did. I have a Boddingtons Beer Barrel with the words Cheshire Cheese Hyde, and the names Jim and Val tattoo'd on the top of my nappers. And folk can't understand why I don't drink much anymore. :)

Lizzy said...

Didn't it change it's name at one time?

Jules said...

Love the pub series - gerald

old tom - you weren't you a bar fly were you?

Tom said...

More like a Bar Wasp:)

Gereld I have a book somewhere in the house with the history of Hyde pubs past and present. I'll dig it out for you to have a look at.

Anonymous said...

Just got to say. Glad to see hyde on the map. As an ex-hydonian its "nice" to see that all the places i remember are being demolished, probably for flats

Anonymous said...

Chris Gunner Australia.

Old wom Tigley dosn't happen to have a totto of a red devil on his napper as well does he?

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