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Monday, July 30, 2007

Cheshire Cheese (1)

This is the Cheshire Cheese in Gee Cross.

There are three public houses called the Cheshire Cheese in Hyde. There is another in town and a third in Newton. The latter can be seen in Roger May's photo which I posted last year.

I'll try and get clearer photos of the other two sometime.


lynn said...

Three by the same name? lol how do you respond when someone says "okay, see you down the Cheshire Cheese at 7"?

Neva said...

I love all the colors.....yesterday too!

Elizabeth said...

Im my humble opinion, the best pub in Gee Cross these days.

Jules said...

What a quaint pub - would love to sit out the front and have a pint or three!!!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Out of the 3 pubs with that name it certainly is the best, and the few times I've been in there t as always been a friendly place. The picture shows it off very well.

Jilly said...

How extraordinary to have three pubs with the same name. I loved Lynn's comment. Exactly!

Look forward to seeing the other two. This one looks good for a pint.

julia said...

What a classic, automatic appeal, gets to the tourist i'm sure.

kimy said...

eek! heaven....thanks for visiting the mouse and your comment!

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