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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ashton Bros Mill

Today's picture is by guest photographer, Frank Bennett.

This was taken about five years ago and shows Ashton Bros Mill. It used to be just behind the wall you can see on my recent picture of Flowery Field Church.

It has since been demolished and the site is an estate of private houses. You can see some of them from the other side in my picture of the funfair leaving town.


Z said...

It's a little strange, to see and read about something on the DP blogs, that isn't there anymore.

Thanks for your comment on the eggs post at Villigen. It must be nice to have your milkman bring them.

Tom said...

There's so much local history tried up in that photo, most folk around here had relation who worked at one time in the mills, Ashton Brothers was a big employer, my mother, father, and sister all woked there in their time. The family of Ashton had a great impact on this area and were well respected as emplorers.
I know houses are a much nicer thing to look at than an old factory but I miss it at times when driving past. At certain times the sun would catch the windows and transformed the building into a thing of beauty.
Gone but not forgotten

Jules said...

Great building - pity it had to go.

The Ashton Bros in Australia were the Circus dynasty - I wonder if there is any relation??

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