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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Abbey in Hyde

The Abbey in Hyde is on the corner of Hamnett Street and next door but one to the White Lion.

Originally it was the Abbey National Building Society before demutulising in 1989 to become a bank. In 2004 it was taken over by the Spanish based bank Santander. National was dropped from the name and it is now known simply as the Abbey.

Last week I showed you the local branch of the Bradford and Bingley, which has featured heavily in the news. It seems probable that the Abbey could be taking over some of the B & B's business. However, as with the Lloyds TSB/Halifax BOS takeover, these things take time and for the moment it is business as usual as far as branch customers are concerned.


lynn said...

It's an interesting time isn't it Gerald. Scary but fascinating to watch. I believe Abbey will not be passing on the cut interest rate to its customers. Hmm.

ArneA said...

Hope your savings are under control.
The crisis is increasing ww.

RuneE said...

I feel somewhat lucky to be safely home after visiting both the UK and Greece in a single month and finding that I still own my house.

I hope that you will survive with most of the nations treasures intact, but then, you have seen worse times than this.

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