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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lloyds TSB or Halifax BOS

Lloyds TSB and Halifax BOS are merging.

The Halifax Hyde branch was originally the Halifax Building Society before it merged with the Bank of Scotland. It is next door to the Post Office.

Ironically the advertising board opposite is promoting the Royal Bank of Scotland, who have their branch on Corporation Street. The RBS (who took over Williams & Glynn's) should not be confused with the Bank of Scotland.

The Lloyds Hyde branch was originally the Trustees Savings Bank until TSB and Lloyds merged. When the Clarendon Mall expanded, the bank became incorporated into the building so that the entrance is inside the shopping centre. The cash machines (ATMs) are outside. They often have queues of people outside waiting to withdraw.

It seems inevitable that one of these branches of the merged banks will close, but I wonder which one.


Hope said...

it's always sad when a bank closes especially if it's one you've done business with for years and you've gotten to know the bank tellers...hope it's not your bank.

marley said...

Yes, its all change again. Although this has created a temporary solution to the problem I think its worrying that now we have a super bank responsible for so many peoples finances. If something goes horribly wrong with this new bank what'll happen to all those accounts?

Worrying times.

Jilly said...

A very worrying time for an awful lot of people.

babooshka said...

If they are not careful all 3. The I.O.M. is a finacial Mecca and the downtrun here is going to be tremendous. I used to work in finance
and still keep up to speed and this is not going to blow over.

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