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Saturday, July 05, 2008

A Close-up on Time

Hyde's Town Hall Clock is a prominent feature.

With my zoom lens this is about as close as I can get.

The large bell in the clocktower is known as "Owd Josh", after former mayor Joshua Bradley.

This poem is from Gleams Of Sunshine by James Leigh
Opening Of Hyde Town hall Clock And Bells
October 18th 1884
Presented By Mr. Joshua Bradley, Of Godley.

Hark! To those sounds of jubilee
In honour of our friend J.B.;
Hark! To those sounds -
Loud cheers are heard on every hand,
Whist with the music of the band,
The town resounds.

With joyful step and hearts elate
This noble gift we celebrate
With demonstration:
Our hearty cheers this day we raise,
The givers worthy of all praise
And emulation.

But now's the time, and now's the hour
J.B. ascends the Town Hall Tower
To play his part, -
He starts the Clock, the Bells chime out,
And with the sounds, a mighty shout
Doth thrill the heart.

And now they're off - the Town Hall Bells,
Each listening heart with pleasure swells,
To view the scene;
Strains of sweet music fill the air,
Whilst joyful faces everywhere
With pleasure beam.

As to the clock our eyes we lift,
We thank the donor for his gift
With loud acclaim.
And others will in future times,
When listening to those mellow chimes
Pronounce his name.

That grand old spinner's played his part,
For he with large unselfish heart
Doth noble give;
Then let this mighty concourse sing
The words that in my ears now ring
Long may he live

Long may he live to view with pride
The gift he has bestowed on Hyde
For many years;
And when this generation's gone,
Those Town Hall Bells may still chime on
For other ears.
On Old Hyde today you can see the Town Hall under the limelight in 1937.


Chris said...

Hello, Gerald!

I do like clocks on buildings. Unfortunately, with new technology and the digital age, we see fewer and fewer in the States. Sigh.

My husband liked your comment about retirement, or, as we call it, successful unemployment!

marley said...

I like the angle of the photo. I like seeing the detail of these sort of clocks.

Lizzy said...

I remember the clock chiming, but can't remember when it stopped!


a lovely clock to look at and a wonderful little poem to remember its grandeur...

in an up-and-coming post for sky-watch, i have included links to your sunset-in-chania photos (thanks)

~tanty~ said...

I like the poem. How big is this clock?

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