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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Henry Enfield Dowson

This bust of Henry Enfield Dowson is to be found in Hyde Chapel.

He was born November 23rd, 1837 and died August 20th 1925. He became the minister of Hyde Chapel in 1867 and served for 51 years.

He gave his name to Dowson Road as well as other places in the town.

So revered and respected was he that he lies buried not in the graveyard but inside the chapel. You can see his tombstone on Old Hyde.


Gail's Man said...

Looks nothing like the comedian! Some of his stuff was amusing. I liked the spoof public info films, but thought the Interfering Dad was a bit tedious at times.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi Gerald.. this bust takes me back to my infant days when I attended the school across from Hyde Chaple. The school and the road it is on was named after this man.. Enfield Street was a very old fashioned school.. I can remember a room upstairs at the shcool that was always locked unless it was used for the visits of the school nurse. The bust or one like it was in that room.. The roof was quite large and filled with old chairs and a big old writing dest.. it was a strang room.. like someone had left it many many years before and it had been kept like a shrine to it. As a small child it was not a nice room to walk by.

imac said...

Interesting reading Gerald, Olde Hyde seems to have a wealth of interesting people and buildings.

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