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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bus stop repairs started

I recently reported the Heritage Bus Stop was to be closed for renovation.

I assumed they meant the shelter, but I might be mistaken. This was the scene early Saturday morning. It looks as though they are renewing the pavement as a first step.


KAZ said...

That's good.
I noticed yesterday that the pavements round here are awful. I wondered if it was worth tripping over, breaking something and claiming compensation.

Nikon said...

I like the nice neat look to the buildings across the street. Looks a bit wet, too :)

Halcyon said...

We hardly have any sidewalks here in Jackson. There is bus service though! (That's pretty surprising for an American city of this size). Bus patrons don't get shelters though. There are just small signs marking the stops. And they're very easy to miss.

Squirrel said...

This is a pretty shot, when you look down the street--it looks very inviting for a rainy day walk, maybe stop and get a cup of tea, stop at a newsstand... very nice place to just wander before catching that bus!

imac said...

Could be they are raising the pavement and curb , so that when the bus stops, you dont have to step up into the bus, therefore you wont trip and hurt yourself.

Good shot.

Old Wom Tigley said...

I think the curbs are being lowered to allow better access to the buses Gerald.. Must be to do with the 'Low Loader buses for wheelchair use and folk with prams.

Per Stromsjo said...

Our bus shelters are regularly spray painted or smashed to pieces. This one looks pretty robust. Do you see any similar acts of vandalism?

Petrea said...

I react to this in the same way squirrel does. I like the old buildings and I'd love to shake off my umbrella and wander in to a book shop or a restaurant to get warm.

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