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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Robin under the hedge

It was raining hard on Sunday morning. Looking out of the window, I noticed new green shoots around the willow tree.

An excellent candidate for haiga, thought I, grabbing the camera, opening the front door, squatting down and capturing the scene.

It was only when I downloaded the picture on my computer that I spotted the little robin in the hedge. Along with long-tailed tits, coal tits and other small birds, robins have been at the bird-feeder outside my window. They move so quickly though that photographing them there is not an easy option.

I've posted my haiga at Winter Haiku 2007 and also at Ackworth born, gone West, leaving the robin in shot and I'm wondering who'll be the first to spot it.

Finding the robin in this photograph could be called an act of serendipity. Read what Erik Tjallinks has to say about the subject.

In this crop of the original, I've made the bird centre stage.


marley said...

Its shows the turning point from winter to spring, robin-winter new buds-spring. At last spring has sprung!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, fortuitous?

alicesg said...

It is indeed nice to see some plants growing. Even the birds do not have to hide from the winter. But geez, how times passes so fast, I have trouble racing with time. :)

imac said...

Nice shot.Yep it looks like Spring is just around the corner.

I now know where the Allsorts name comes from haha.

Deslilas said...

"The three princes of Serendip" and Horace Walpole are on the net today.
May be it's something like "Le laboureur et ses enfants" or a jewish say "don't ask your way to someone who has the answer if you want to wander".

Ashtonian said...

I enjoyed the picture

Nikon said...

You're lucky, Gerald, that spring seems to be arriving there!
We are still in the middle of winter.

imac said...

Forgot to say checked out your other blog, Robin in top left corner.

Have you ever hung by a thread?
visit my blog and see.

Seraphine said...

The robin was looking at you too. In fact, she likely saw you first.

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