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Friday, March 23, 2007

Pigeons on the dome and everywhere.

I've shown you pigeons before, on the roof of the White Lion and fighting for crumbs with the starlings.

Here they are on the Woolworth's Dome.

Love them or hate them, you'll find these birds all over the world. Want to see more? Try these links to other DP sites.

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Kalyan said...

Well captured & framed shot!

KAZ said...

Did you read that they are using robots in Liverpool to frighten away the pigeons in the 'European City of Culture'?.
They are suppose to look like birds of prey and cost several thousand pounds each.

Lori said...

That's a good shot! I like how one is sitting right on top. I've taken some pigeon photos too but I haven't posted any yet.

Brian Pigeon said...

Great pic! That's one kick arse balancing act...
Bri P

Anonymous said...

Got here from Pigeon Blog. Nice picture, and the collection of worldwide photos from other blogs was really fun!! Thanks!

james said...

rats with wings, rats with wings.
their droppings not only terrorize civilian pedestrians but destroy car paint jobs and historic buildings!

This is a great shot though.

dijah said...

this is a very nice shot!
BTW,thanks for visiting ADP!

Oya said...

That is great. Really, pigeons everywhere...

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