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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The owls on the White Lion roof

Do you see those two owls on the roof of the White Lion?

Well they're not real.

See all the pigeons?

They are real.

Now what do you think is the purpose of the owls on the roof?


No. 78 said...

I thought it was to keep the pigeons away but it looks as if it attracts them. I love the building and your photo.

MoonSoleil said...

I agree with no. 78.
Was it supposed to keep the birds off?

Kris said...

agree with 78 as well..but i see its not working :D

Gwilym said...

Maybe they are air vents of some kind - perhaps from a time when the pub brewed its own beer?
Brings to mind the poem "Altarwise by owl-light" (Dylan Thomas)with lines like "Black-tongued and tipsy from salvation's bottle." They don't write them like that anymore!

Sam said...

LOL - the owls must be there to keep the pigeons company!

Lorethian said...

Come on Gerald this is way to easy, the Owls are there to scare the teenage pigeons in to doing the right thing. The Adult Pigeons tell stories about how the Owls punish bad little pigeons. Am I right?

midnitebara said...

Since pigeons are not scared of them..,maybe to scare crows?! Oh, I have no idea.
nice photo,by the way.

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