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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Theatre Royal

The Theatre Royal stands next to Hyde Festival Theatre and has alas seen better days.

According the website of Hyde Theatre Royal Onward, a trust set up to save the theatre, the building has been sold to a developer.


Kris said...

it's a pity..hopefully the new owner will retore it

Anonymous said...

I rememer queuing there on a Saturday afternoon to see the childrens matinee. Happy Days!


~tanty~ said...

It's too bad. Thanks for stopping by and please come again :)

Gerald England said...

A spokesperson for the Theatre Royal Onward Trust has said

"Thank you very much for all your support and the photo but please could you change the wording re: exterior remaining the same but interior unlikely too. There is still a fair sized possibility that the inside will indeed stay the same in accordance with our aims. To get anywhere we urgently need more members because the numbers would show support. We need our positive side on display and there still is one".

John said...

No where in the world is there enough oney put into the arts. Not even in Melbourne, and we have a lot of good artists of all forms.

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