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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Beautiful Game Brings The World Together

Well Dressing is not confined to Derbyshire but takes place in a few surrounding counties too.

It was Gee Cross Well Dressing ceremony a few weeks ago. I've already shown you Booth's Well.

A walk is taken to six sites around the village and the wells are blessed. After Booth's Well the parade goes to two wells up Joel Lane. I didn't get up there this year. The fourth and fifth stops I'll show you at a later date.

The final blessing takes place outside Hyde Chapel where the display this year was The Beautiful Game Brings The World Together produced by year 7 students from Alder Community High School.

Their theme for 2010 was the World Cup. The display, made out of recycled materials, tries to show that saving the world's resources is everyone's responsibility and that the World Cup is a way of bringing people together to celebrate all the different nations of the world.


Anonymous said...

One can only continue to be impressed of what happens in your neck of the woods. Please have a great Tuesday.

daily athens

Fred Miller said...

That post title has much truth in it for me. I don't know whether you have heard of the U.S. Senator Sam Brownback. He runs for president regularly and he will likely be the next Governor of Kansas. Anyway, I met him twenty years ago, and recently renewed the friendship when his little son began to play soccer with our kid. We usually talked about family, but every now and then we talked politics or his work in Sudan. Just wanted to say that your post title is apt.

Hilda said...

As long as the fans don't kill each other, that is.

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