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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ABC Wednesday
Bus Station, Hyde 2010

Bus Station, Hyde 2010. In the background is the now closed Astoria Bingo Hall.

Hyde got a new bus station in 2005. The buses circulate around the outside while passengers wait within an all-weather designed area.

In the previous bus station, passengers waited on the outside under draughty "shelters" with inadequate seating.

An even earlier bus station can be seen on Old Hyde.

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Petrus said...

It looks very similar to the one in Middleton - perhaps both designed by the same architect ?

Isla... said...

It's one of the few modern buildings in Hyde that really stands out.
Whoever did the design made a really good job of it!

Fred Miller said...

Sunny picture again. Even though you're in Cheshire, I keep thinking of the glorious "sun of York."


Roger Owen Green said...

ah, BEFORE and after w yr 2 blogs!

Gattina said...

Looks very modern and at least you don't get wet waiting for the bus lol !
Gattina from the ABC team

Lois said...

It looks so modern!

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