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Monday, May 24, 2010


Regular visitors will recall the quandry we were in recently when the council had placed a litter bin on an access ramp.

Well I posted a complaint about it on the council website but didn't get a response other than that the post had been "logged".

So anyway about a week later I telephoned the council and was put through to a lady who said she'd look into it. She phoned back in about twenty minutes to say the "lads" were busy but get on to it today or tomorrow. I went out and on my return found a message on my answer phone to say the lads had been and shifted it. That was about three hours after my initial phone call.

On Saturday morning we went round to look. You can tell the area where the bin was as it is surrounded by fag ends.

If you are wondering about the shutters. The upper storeys of the multi-storey car park (which has free parking) don't open until 9.30am - the idea being so it can be used by shoppers rather than commuters.


Anonymous said...

How impressive to see that ability to have influence. Greatly missed overe here.

daily athens

Lois said...

Sometimes it pays to complain!

Tom said...

Well done Gerald.... I've complained to Tameside once or twice myself.... both times the out come was favourable... but 1 report took some time..

LD said...

Thanks for the story..It reminds me that when it comes to injustices large and small, nothing changes if no one speaks up!

Petrus said...

Good work ... well done - we should all complain a little more often.

ian... said...

Well done Gerald - result!

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