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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Six Day Walk (5):
Bridge with Stile

This is the fifth post of some photographs of a walk I took some weeks ago. I'm sharing this walk with you over six days.

We started by walking down steps to Church Brow and took the path by Gower Bank which leads to the junction of Clough Fold Road and Fawley Avenue.

We then followed a footpath between fences, before entering a valley crossed by a pipeline.

We come now to a bridge under the railway line from Manchester via Hyde Central to Woodley, Romiley and Rose Hill.

Under the bridge is a stile that we shall need to climb over. I don't think I've encountered a stile under a bridge before. Why is it there? Come back tomorrow for the answer.

Meanwhile see the view from the other side with a train on Hyde DP Xtra.


Anonymous said...

Looks indeed like an invitation to climb over.

Please have a wonderful Sunday.

daily athens

AB said...

The arch provides a nice framing

Cezar and Léia said...

Nice angle!
God bless you!

B SQUARED said...

I would love to take a walk in your area.

Tom said...

It is a veryvery long time since I walked this path Gerald... I would have been well under 10...

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