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Friday, May 28, 2010

Six Day Walk (3):
Clough Fold

This is the third post of some photographs of a walk I took some weeks ago. I'm sharing this walk with you over six days.

We started by walking down steps to Church Brow and took the path by Gower Bank which leads to the junction of Clough Fold Road and Fawley Avenue.

The footpath continues across what was once the boundary between Fawley Farm and Clough Fold Farm. Neither farm exists any longer and the land has been used for modern housing. As a result the footpath is a narrow way between suburban fences.


Paula said...

That really is narrow. Seems safe enough in the daytime, but it would be a little worrisome at night. Or maybe that's just from a personal point of view. :)

Anonymous said...

An impressive reflection upon modern life as a whole. Please have a nice Friday.

daily athens

LD said...

I very much enjoy your sequence covering a particular hometown journey. Maybe I'll have to do that..

Serline said...

Interesting processing of this photo to accentuate the path... have a blessed weekend!

Cezar and Léia said...

It's cool walking with you by these different places.I like a lot this passage,maybe it was a little bit cold weather that day, and that fence is huge!

B SQUARED said...

They have done similar "urban" expansion here.

Tom said...

A walk I've not done in quite a while Gerald.... I remember the farms and George Fawley the last of the true family to live and work the farm later live in a small cottage on Cheetham Fold. He was a nice old chap who would always stop and talk with my mum andd dad.

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