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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Used Tickets

Board a bus around here and you'll be issued with a ticket, even if you have a free pass covering the journey.

At the end of the journey what do you do?

Personally I stuff them in my pocket and dispose of them when I get home.

Some folk just throw them on the floor whilst the more litter concious dispose of them in the "used tickets" bin. Unfortunately on this particular bus the catch is broken and as it goes over a bump the flap opens and delivers the contents on to the floor.


Petrus said...

It's the discarded free newspapers that seem to make the most mess ..

I hate it when people leave empty bottles or cans - every time the bus stops and starts they roll about all over the place ..

Anonymous said...

As there are tickets sold over here in Athens, which one is able to use for 90min, many times people hand them over to other passangers, after arriving at their destination.
Personally own a ticket for the whole month and don't have to buy me any.
With regard to the above comment, indeed it is also a problem over here in Athens, where are more than ten free newspapers available every day.
A wonderful weekend for you.

KAZ said...

They don't issue tickets to pass holders in Manchester. I think the driver ticks a box or pushes a button.

downsie21 said...

On the 330 bus I was on last Friday the ticket box was overflowing so people were just dropping their tickets on the floor.

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