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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Clark Way over the M67

This is Clark Way as it crosses the M67.

You can see the motorway and the bridge themselves in my post of 5th February 2008, or you can visit my post of 24th July 2007 to view this from further away.


Anonymous said...

This scene looks almost identical to roads or highways that cross our super highways. Except that here there are a thousand stores on all four corners of the crossing. Nowadays half of the stores are closed due to our economic condition.

imac said...

What will we use the roads and flyovers for when we run out of oil
Nice shot.

Dave King said...

It looks so anywhere - but where's the snow?

Babooshka said...

It is a very homogenous image. It could be anywhere nowadays, but here. It is strange sometimes to think we have no motor ways here.

Julie said...

we all feel familiarity with this photo. And then it is always followed by which road do we want, are we on the right motorway. I liked your skywatch photo. Thanks for stopping by my website. And yes, in Arizona we have dry creeks and river beds, but I am sure you always have water in yours.

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