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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fernally Street and Google Earth updated

These lights are on the corner of Union Street and Mottram Road. We are looking at Fernally Street. I was going to label this Clarke Way but decided to double-check with the map first. I find that Clark Way [without an e as I'd thought] only begins at the exit slip road from junction 3 of the M67, just past that next set of traffic lights.

My old A-Z is a little difficult to read so I looked up Google Earth and got a shock. The satellite images have been updated. The new bus station is shown, as is Alder Community High School. My old car is no longer on our driveway and the new layout of our garden is visible.

Back to the photograph. On the right is the pedestrian entrance to Morrison's supermarket. Stood there and looking across Fernally Street you'd be seeing the Multi-story car park.

Why did I take this photograph? Well a red man is visible on the traffic lights telling us not to cross. He might have been a candidate for the July theme photo, but instead we went on to the supermarket and shot some tomatoes


Neva said...

It is a very nice picture with or without the little red man!

Pamela said...

Thanks for the reminder. I've just checked Google Earth and finally, we have good quality and, above all recent images of Tenerife too.

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