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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Multi-storey car park again

This is picture of the multi-storey car park from a different vantage point than the one I posted in September.


OutHouse Capital of Canada said...

I looked at your post of the parkinglot from September, i am surprised that you have to pay for parking in a shopping centre, you would think that the merchants would want you to park free and spend more money in those shops

angela said...

The buses here are so reasonably priced now that it doesn't make sense to take the car especially as car park charges are so expensive.
Why is it that multi story car parks are usually so ugly?

Dsole said...

Here in Spain we don't usually have to pay if we stay for less than 2 hours. And now there are many multi story in the city surroundings and have parking free...
I'm agree Angela, it's really ugly :S

Ovelikios said...

Athens' biggest Mall charges the parking visitors something like 1,5 euros for 3 hours and it's almost always full.

I agree that parking lots like this are really ugly but in Athens they could solve many problems. If, of course, someone manages to built it. Whenever someone (for example the Metro trains company) tries to make a multi-store lot everyone (from the neighbors to the local mayor) says no. Apparently, they prefer the commuters' cars on their own pavements and in front of their homes. Go figure...

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