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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

M67 past Longlands

Recently I brought you Barmhouse Lane Bridge over the M67 motorway and showed you the view looking West towards Hyde.

This is the view looking East. Mid-week and mid-afternoon it may well seem very quiet, but if you look at the signs, you'll notice it is about to drop from 3 lanes to two as it approaches the end of the motorway at Hattersley. About a mile beyond this point it crosses over the lane by Westwood Farm from where there can be standing traffic.

Look closely (as always, do click on the photograph to view the larger version) and you should see a mobile phone mast. It is the same one as can be seen in another photograph from last year, Edge of Hattersley.

As I said then, Linda in Australia was seeking information about Longlands because she went to school there in the summer of 1967 but Longlands was demolished to make way for the M67 Hyde By-Pass.

This second photograph was taken from the lane leading from Tetlow Farm at the top of Barmhouse Lane to the bridge, looking across grazing land to Longlands Wood.

Where that wood is now, there used to be a school but it ain't there now!


MartinC said...

That motorway looks surprisingly quiet! I bet it's not like that all the time!

Ken Mac said...

UK highways have a flatness, an intimacy, that we just dont' have in the US. They're smaller for sure, but the scenery seems more available to the eye. Here, it's just a giant concrete runway between cities.

gogouci said...

Really like the way you've framed the highway to force the eye to follow from one edge to the other.

Lily Hydrangea said...

I guess change is inevitable no matter where you live.

magiceye said...

love the composition of the 1st pic!

Cezar and Léia said...

Is there any tax to pay in order to drive in this highway?

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi Gerald
Never heard of Longlands before or the school... got my interest up again now.


brattcat said...

This shot makes driving in the UK look easy. Hahaha.

RuneE said...

I found it (the mast I mean)!

Dave Heywood said...

I went to Longlands school way back in the sixties!
Dave H

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