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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Edge of Hattersley

This is the end of Hattersley Road West where the buses from Manchester and Hyde (to the left) turn off Mottram Road and into the housing estate.

On the other side of Mottram Road are thick woods hiding the M67 motorway from view. All you can see is a mobile-phone mast rearing out above the trees.

I recently had an email from Australia:
I am trying to find out information about Longlands because I went there in the summer of 1967, which was then the Secondary School for Hattersley. At that stage there were only 1st year students and my sister who was 18 months older had to go to Leigh Street Girls School in Hyde. I believe we stayed there until 1969 by which time they had finished building the new Comprehensive School on Hattersley. I know Longlands was demolished to make way for the M67 Hyde By-Pass.
Well, it would have been somewhere inside that wood, but this is about the closest I am likely to get to it.


Linda said...

Many thanks Gerald for another trip down memory lane - hopefully there maybe someone who reads your blog that may remember Longlands. I know the lodge at the bottom is still there. As I have mentioned before I just love reading your blog and seeing all the wonderful photo's. First class as always. Cheers Linda, Gold Coast, Australia

Hope said...

Dear Gerald,

I have given you & your blog the Kreativ Blogger Award. Stop by my blog on my October 29th post to pick up your award. Enjoy and have fun passing this award on to others!

~ Hope in Knoxville

ArneA said...

memories make people communicate, Great.


i'd love to see the housing estate one day

Ruby said...

Funny how our surroundings are constantly changing. Usually its woodland and countryside giving way to buildings. On this occasion, buildings give way to woodlands. A better way round at least :-)

Anonymous said...

I found in the woulds some stone steps on ether side 2 stone lions the school must have looked nice !

The Equalizer said...

Yes Longlands I remember it well.
Head Mr Stokes
Deputy Head Mrs Vesey
Caxton House
Alexander House
Currie House
Owen House

I was in Caxton House.

Could name most of the pupils on here, and some of the goings on there.

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