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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Answer to October Quiz

For once, I didn't fool too many of you with my October quiz - several people correctly guessed it was one of the bowling greens in Hyde Park.

Some had obviously viewed the Map of Hyde Park and knew there were winter and summer greens.

This is one of the two winter greens and behind is the new pavilion which replaces the one damaged by fire in 2007.

Hope from Knoxville, Wayne from Vancouver and Dave in the Outhouse Capital of Canada, will all get a little prize for being so right.

Ashtonian's comment about the last club in Hyde being on Bowling Green Street surprised me. I had to look it up on my A-Z to find out where it was. As it is quite a walk from the nearest bus stop it may be some time before I check it out.


ArneA said...

Believe I had too much focus on the "bird" down left.
Great to get the answer so I do not have to think about it anymore.

Hope said...

It was a lucky guess for me....but I do love a good contest! Thanks in advance for the prize!

PJ said...

The building looks like a caroon face. I love it.

Lindab said...

What perfectly manicured grass. You can just imagine someone cutting it with nail scissors.

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