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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Four Lane Ends

This is Four Lane Ends on Werneth Low

Behind the trees on the left hand side is a quarry now used as a car park. Werneth Low Road carries on round the bend and past the Hare & Hounds.

The houses are on Higham Lane which comes in from the right, while Joel Lane goes off at right angles.

See the same view from 1910 on Old Hyde.


Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

I wonder if Four Lane Ends is a popular name, there is a Four Lane Ends near Bolton.

Linda said...

Oh I love the Hare and Hounds, popped in for a drink just after Christmas last year. Happy memories. Thanks Gerald. Linda

ArneA said...

Hare & Hounds reminded me of the Notting Hill movie but there it was Horse and Hounds. ?

Hope said...

Hi Gerald....

Regarding the award I sent to your blog....

It's OK about the award...I sent it with sincerity...but I do understand. I clicked on your link and read about your feelings on this subject.

I am new to photo blogging and my other family blog is almost 1 year old. I had never received or passed on an award until just about a week ago....then all of a sudden I've received 3 separate awards!

I wasn't quite sure about it all at first...but did think it might be fun to participate in.

Blogging has certainly opened up an entirely new world to me....and for the most part it's great fun!

I do truly enjoy your blog...and I do understand about the award. No worries!

~Hope in Knoxville :)

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